Everyone knows who invented the airplane, right?  Wrong.

First Flight tells the greatest story you've never heard.

There was a strange attraction to the air--quite literally--in the 1890s.  For the first time in human history, men came to believe that the dream of powered flight was a possibility.  Popular culture discounted such dreamers as cranks and fools. In some places, they were thought to be in defiance of God's will. Any established scientist or engineer who seriously discussed "flying machines" risked his credibility and career status. Despite this, the growing evidence that powered flight was within reach tempted a generation of visionaries, from the most respected to the totally unknown, to devote their lives to the effort of joining the birds in the air.  FIRST FLIGHT is the story of these men.


FIRST FLIGHT will bring forth newly uncovered research that will provide a topical, yet historical, biopic of the birth of the airplane.  Dazzling machines and the truly eccentric characters who created them are the players in one of the great untold stories of human history.  For the first time, this portrayal of human triumph can be brought to dramatic film, in a six-hour mini-series.

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STATUS: Development

GENRE: Television Mini-Series; Historical Drama

LOCATION: Worldwide, 1876-1910

WRITER: Charles Miller

PRODUCER: Charles Miller