A young ensemble wrestles with life, love, and the struggles for happiness in this comedy about commitment...or the lack thereof. A long-lost love affair is rekindled while another love-struck pair wade through the morass of family and personal expectations surrounding their looming wedding, along with the complexities of modern-day life in Los Angeles.

Daniel is a writer who has been on the edge of success several times without achieving it. He has just returned from living in New York, where his play closed before it opened, and his girlfriend left him to deal with it on his own. The sudden wedding of his friend Neil brings Daniel back quicker than he would have returned, but his hopes to write a successful screenplay had him Los Angeles-bound anyway. He didn’t expect to find Kerri, the woman he fell in love with years ago in Italy and always held as his one true love. Kerri, a painter turned movie producer, stumbles upon Daniel’s script and wants to make it, before realizing this is the Daniel of her past. She is overwhelmed with old feelings when she sees him; but she’s married now and doesn’t want to risk losing that. Lauren has been the stable force in Daniel and Neil’s lives since college. She’s the only woman with whom Neil has had a relationship for more than ten minutes that didn’t involve sex. As for Daniel, Lauren has always been his confidant, and the twosome are so mentally in sync that they finish one another’s sentences. Despite this, Lauren has never told him how she really feels about him, and his return to Los Angeles as a single guy makes the issue impossible for her to avoid. Neil is facing an even more pressing crisis as the days in the final week before his wedding slowly fade into oblivion. He truly loves Jenna, the smart and sexy Korean dancer who is just about everything he could want in a woman, but prior to her, his idea of commitment was a second date. He’s an actor who is self-obsessed and accustomed to being the center of all the circles around him, and the heaviness of a life-long commitment is starting to panic him. His bride Jenna knows all this and has patience for this man with irresistible charm, along with debonair, if blunt, ways. He has the grit she’s always wanted in a man, tempered with a soft side that she knows no one else sees. But her Asian family, regretting her Americanized values, has little positive to say about Neil. Through this, they all rely on friendship to make sense of decisions with moral implications that seemed so simple when they were kids, but now grow more complicated with life.

STATUS: Development

GENRE: Ensemble Romantic Comedy

LOCATION: Los Angeles, California, USA; set in present

PRODUCER: Charles Miller