Ten years ago four close friends, just out of high school, had planned a several-day hiking and camping trip.  One of them died just before the trip, and the remaining friends were separated.  Now, a family death brings one of them back to town and the paths of the three remaining friends cross.  They embark on the journey scheduled years before—both for themselves, and their dead friend.

Miki, Will, and Ellen.  Along with Matt, they were the closest of friends in high school.  They were more than friends.  The guys had been practically raised as brothers and the girls were best friends since grade school.  Will and Ellen were the couple in their small town, while Miki and Matt were the kind of first loves that never need a second.  Within the course of a week, a betrayal and a death ended their friendship and separated them.

It’s been over ten years since Will has seen his small hometown in Kansas when he returns for the funeral of a father he hasn’t spoken to in years.  His career as a musician hasn’t been the success he anticipated, and the prospects for this unsigned, would-be rock star approaching thirty, aren’t enough to stave off the cynicism creeping into his psyche.  Now Will indifferently faces his father’s death and the inherited farm.  Unexpectedly, he finds Miki taking care of things at his father’s farm.  Since Matt’s death during that summer of long ago, she’s never put the pieces together.  When others went to college, she stayed.  When others got careers and families, she drifted.  Each year slipped away as she vacillated, still preoccupied with her best friend who stole her boyfriend right before he was to die in an accident.  That best friend, Ellen, has also come back to town.  She got away after Matt’s death, attended college and law school, married the perfect husband with the perfect family, and got the perfect corporate job.  But she wasn’t happy in New York, and she couldn’t find any meaning in her life.  After the divorce, she came back to the small town to start a private practice and find her perspective.  Will meets Miki at the farm and finds the old map for the hike they planned.  Miki, clinging to memories of Matt, convinces Will to make the trip with her.  Will meets Ellen again when she gives him the paperwork to inherit the farm.  Despite the past, they both are still very attracted to one another.  Will invites Ellen to come with them, regardless of Miki’s hatred for her.  The three sojourners love, laugh, fight, cry, and try not to get sunburned as the open spaces reconnect them with one another and themselves.

STATUS: Development

GENRE: Ensemble Drama

LOCATION: Southeast Kansas, USA; set in present

PRODUCERS: Charles Miller, Aaron Sawyer

WRITER: Charles Miller