Recent events in the world have in many ways dwarfed the ability of science fiction to suggest the unthinkable. How do we as artists respond to something like that? Certainly there is no single way to do so, but the significance of any contribution rests in its humanity. Sunset Motel attempts to find such humanity in an unthinkable setting.


A corporate CEO awakens from a routine surgery gone awry to find himself in a world far different from the one he remembers. The coma he endured spared him the experience of cataclysmic events; now, the life he knew and many of the people in it, are gone. A small medical and security staff, assigned to care for this important man, must help him come to terms with losses greater than anyone should be asked to endure. Sunset Motel is a character study of how people react to one another when one another are nearly all that remain.

STATUS: Development

GENRE: Short Film, Drama / Science Fiction

LOCATION: Urban Setting,USA; set in future

PRODUCER: Charles Miller